What is the Lifford BID?


The Lifford Business Association is the “sponsor” of the Lifford BID (Business Improvement District) which, if successful at ballot, will be run by a new not-for-profit company to be called the Lifford BID Company Ltd and will cover the commercial centres of Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Stirchley.

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It will be run by a voluntary board of 18 directors – 15 of whom will be businesses paying the BID levy, with 2 representatives from Birmingham City Council and a member of West Midlands Police.

A BID is a defined geographic area within which every eligible business has the right to vote on a set of proposals that will be delivered by the BID over its fixed, 5-year term. For the BID to be successful at ballot, a majority of those voting must vote yes and the total rateable value of the yes vote must also be in the majority.

The BID ballot is the culmination of several year’s work to secure a sustainable and brighter future for businesses across Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Stirchley and full details of the BID’s priorities, the BID area and the BID business plan can be found elsewhere on this site.

Priorities for the Lifford BID

Following extensive consultation and research, the BID has themed its priorities into the following 5 categories:

Marketing and Events

  • Promote the unique Lifford offer to a local, citywide and regional audience in order to increase footfall, dwell time and spend across the BID area
  • Promote closer working links with non-levy paying stakeholders, for example markets, parks, etc.
  • Deliver a 5-year marketing programme that serves to put the business areas of Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Stirchley back at the heart of their communities

Business Support

  • Increase business to business and collaboration opportunities for BID businesses
  • Help businesses to reduce their running costs and improve individually thus raising overall standards
  • Reduce vacancy levels across the BID area, increase variety and improve the retail mix

Safer, More Secure

  • Improve parking provision, access to parking, public and sustainable forms of transport
  • Improve “welcome to…” and wayfinding signage
  • Work alongside Police to reduce business crime and improve perceptions of crime

Cleaner and Greener

  • To make the Lifford area cleaner and more welcoming for businesses and consumers alike
  • To ensure that public sector services are efficient, appropriate and supported
  • To encourage and promote the health and social and community benefits of supporting the local economy

Business Led & Driven

  • Secure the necessary commitment and expertise to ensure that the BID delivers real, business-focussed outcomes
  • Provide responsibility and accountability to all businesses within the BID area
  • Monitor, assess and evolve the work of the BID to ensure maximum effectiveness on projects that meet its priorities