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Learn more about the Lifford BID (Business Improvement District)

Streets Covered by the BID

Streets Covered By The Lifford BID

The whole of the following streets fall within the BID boundary: Alexander Road Ash Tree Road Ashmore Road Back Road Bond Street Breedon Road Charlotte Road Clonmel Road Dell Road Elm Tree Road Franklin...

Business Led & Driven

Business Led and Driven

Issues The time has come for the local business community to take a lead on local opportunities and investment that can have a beneficial impact on what it means to do business in Bournville,...

Marketing and Events

Marketing and Events

Issues The Lifford business area and Pershore Road Corridor is central to a densely populated part of the city with approximately 25,000 residents with a 5-10 minute walk of a part of the area....

Clean and Green

Cleaner and Greener

Issues Without a focused approach to cleanliness and general standards of appearance across Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Stirchley, there is a risk of a continued decline in the way that the area looks...

Business Support

Business Support

Issues It is hard enough to trade on the high street in 2015 without the added worries of declining standards across your area, being unable to keep up with the online market and the...

Safer and more secure

Safer, More Secure

Issues Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Stirchley are relatively low crime areas, but crimes against business do still occur as does anti-social behaviour in the open spaces around the area. These generally low-level occurrences...